If you’re like me and like to have the very latest and newest thing, then you are most likely at least testing Windows 8 in your enterprise environment. This morning we noticed something odd, however. The Internet Explorer Favorites we normally push out via Group Policy using the Internet Explorer Maintenance object were not functioning properly on our Windows 8 computers. We were able to verify that Windows 7 computers were properly receiving the updates to favorites on IE 8 and IE 9, so after making sure that our Windows 8 computers were indeed getting group policy updates properly (they were, thanks to a quick gpresult /r) we were a little stumped. After some digging around I was finally able to find this article on Technet:


It seems Microsoft has discarded the ability to customize Internet Explorer 10 with the old IE Maintenance GPO add on in favor of using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit. Check out the link above to see the features you can utilize as well as a handy side by side comparison to help with migration to the tool. While this page states the new IEAK has not been released, I was able to find a download for it here:


Hope this helps someone else who may have had the same issue! I’ll report back once we download and use the tool to configure IE 10.